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KCRTA Scholardship Award Recipients photo

Outstanding UTK Teacher Candidates Recognized

Written by Kristin Rearden, clinical professor of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) / science education.

Theory and Practice in Teacher Education (TPTE) Teacher Candidates Awarded Knox County Retired Teachers Association Scholarships

The Knox County Retired Teachers Association (KCRTA) is an active local affiliate of the Tennessee Retired Teachers Association whose broad charge is to protect and improve the rights and benefits of retired teachers while also seeking to support current and future teachers. As part of the latter mission, KCRTA awards scholarships each year to a select few teacher candidates from several regional educator preparation programs who demonstrate commitment to the field and show exemplary promise. In 2019, all six scholarships went to candidates from the University of Tennessee, with four of those candidates enrolled in TPTE licensure programs. On November 14, KCRTA members, scholarship recipients, family, and friends celebrated at a scholarship luncheon held at the Foundry on the Fair site in Knoxville. At the event, Selection Committee Co-Chair Mary Lou Kanipe noted that she hoped the awards and luncheon demonstrated the enduring commitment KCRTA members have to teachers, their students, and to public education overall. She added, “We care about the kids and those teachers who are out there doing a great job.” TPTE is proud of the accomplishments of these candidates and look forward to their continued positive impact on students.

Below is a list of scholarship winners and their preparation programs:

Sarah Benson, Elementary Education

Katarina Steffen, Special Education

Kirstine Andersen, Music Education

David Leventhal, Secondary Social Science Education

Cassandra Dean, Secondary Social Science Education

Sarah Wade, Early Childhood Education

Additional information on the scholarships and awardees can be found here: