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Kristina Bernhardt, M.Ed

Kristina Bernhardt headshotPronouns: they/them/theirs

Kristina is a Deaf educator with values deeply embedded in language access, multiculturalism, and transformative education. Shortly after starting their career as a district administrator at Tennessee Schools for the Deaf, Kristina decided to pursue a PhD in Deaf education to obtain opportunities for research regarding language deprivation in Deaf education. Their special interests include language deprivation effects, namely the sense of time, theory of mind, and social-emotional learning.

Kristina grew up in New York after moving to the United States from Moscow, Russia at a young age. After obtaining a bachelor’s in political science from Rochester Institute of Technology and a master’s in educational administration from Northeastern University, Kristina moved to Knoxville to pursue their career with Tennessee Schools for the Deaf. They enjoy trying new recipes, exploring hidden gems, immersing themselves in nature, trail running, sampling tea, doing morning pages, and having thought-provoking conversations with people.