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Cultural Studies in Educational Foundations, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Cultural Studies of Educational Foundations concentration (CSE) leads to a Ph.D. in Education at the University of Tennessee. The CSE doctoral concentration explicitly links the fields of cultural studies (e.g., anthropology, philosophy, history, and sociology of education) to prepare graduates to work in high level professional careers in a wide range of settings such as higher education, K-12 education, community-based agencies and community-based participatory research, research institutions and other applied educational, social and political settings.

The mission of the doctoral concentration in Cultural Studies of Educational Foundations (CSE) in the Department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education is to ground students in theoretical, philosophical and research foundations of human learning and development, cultural and social contexts of educational environments (both formal and informal), and skills for inquiring into and critiquing these environments.

Admission Procedures

Residency Requirement

The residency requirement for students in the PhD program with a major in education is two consecutive semesters of full-time enrollment.

To view the course of study

Please follow this link to the UT Catalog.

  1. Select the appropriate catalog from the dropdown menu on the right.
  2. Select the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences.
  3. Scroll to TPTE and select Detailed general information on the PhD program “Display Programs for this Department.”

Faculty Contacts:

Barbara Thayer-Bacon, Professor of Cultural Studies and Program Coordinator, 865-974-9505

Ashlee Anderson, Assistant Professor of Urban Education and Program Coordinator, 865-974-4209