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Master of Science in Teacher Education

Social Science Education Professional Internship Concentration

The College of Education, Health & Human Sciences, The University of Tennessee, has one of the few nationally ranked teacher licensure programs. Major distinctions of this program are as follows: admission is very selective, candidates have completed a Bachelor’s Degree, a one-year internship guarantees a full range of professional experiences, the internship counts as one year’s teaching experience in Tennessee, and a Master’s Degree can be completed in the process. Since this teacher licensure internship is competitive, interested persons should think and plan ahead.

1. Pre-Admission to the Social Science Education licensure program

  • Candidates must complete coursework in two social science areas. Candidates licensed in History, Geography, Economics, and Political Science will be certified for Grades 6-12; however, candidates licensed in Psychology and Sociology will be certified for Grades 9-12. Post-baccalaureate candidates not holding a degree in one of the social sciences must complete 30 semester hours in one of the social sciences and follow all other guidelines and recommendations for pre-admission requirements.
  • Candidates must complete at least 75 semester hours of college courses with at least a 2.75 overall grade point average (GPA). These semester hours should include at least 12 hours of social science courses at the 300 levels or above.
  • Candidates’ overall GPA in the Social Sciences must be 2.5 or higher.
  • Candidates must maintain a 2.8 GPA in professional education courses.
  • Candidates must complete the Core Academic Skills test. Exemptions to the Core Academic Skills test are for candidates with enhanced ACT scores of 21 or combined RSAT scores of 1020 and candidates with a Bachelor’s degree. Times, dates, and registration materials for these screening tests are available in the College’s Office of Advising and Student Services..
  • All candidates must complete Geography 101, 102, 131 or 132.
  • In addition to the major, a second area of endorsement is required.:
    210, 311, 313 and 9 hours of credits at the 300 level or above.
    131, 132 and 15 hours of credits at the 300 level or above.
    221, 222, 241, 242 and 9 hours of credits at the 300 level or above.
    Political Science:
    101, 102 and 15 hours of credits at the 300 level or above.
    Math 115 or Statistics 201, Psychology 110, and 15 credits of Psychology at the 300 level or above.
    120, 220, 321, 331 and 9 hours of credits at the 300 level or above.
  • Candidates who would like to add a third area of endorsement may do so with 9 hours. Please see the Licensure Specialist in the Student Services Center for information concerning which social science areas may be added with 9 hours.

2. Admission to Social Science Education

  • Candidates should complete all of the above requirements during the junior year or as soon as possible if one has a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Once screening tests are completed, candidates will be invited to interview with the Social Science Admission Board. Candidates should plan to meet all of the prerequisites and interview by the fall semester preceding the internship. Admitted candidates may be accepted for the following or a subsequent fall depending upon available slots. Each candidate is responsible for informing the social science advisor of changes in intern plans. Intern slots are not guaranteed for years other than the one applied for and accepted for during the admission process. Application for the internship should be made one year in advance of the professional year. An orientation to the internship is required during the spring semester just prior to the professional year.

3. Admission to Masters Program

  • Eligible undergraduate candidates may apply for Senior Privilege and complete a maximum of 9 graduate hours as a part of the undergraduate program. Application to the Graduate School should be made during the spring semester prior to the internship.Candidates will seek the Masters of Science Degree with a major in Teacher Education and a concentration in Secondary Teaching.

The Praxis Series

All candidates are required to take the Praxis examinations before the Professional Teaching License is awarded. Secondary education candidates must take the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PTL) 7-12. Specialty exams must be taken in all areas of endorsement. Social Science areas of endorsement are: World and U.S. History, Economics, Geography, Government, Psychology, and Sociology. It is recommended that candidates take the exams during the intern year. Please have scores submitted to UT-Knoxville, code 1843.

4. Completing the Required Professional Courses

Admitted candidates will complete a prescribed set of courses. Certain courses must be completed before the internship year begins; other courses must be taken in conjunction with the internship, and the remainder are normally completed following the internship.

Secondary Minor Course Requirements

Professional Internship Course Requirements

Admissions Information

Apply to both University of Tennessee Graduate Admissions and Graduate Programs in TPTE

Faculty Advisor:

Stewart Waters, associate professor