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Thomas N. Turner, EdD

Thomas N. Turner, EdD

Doctoral Program Coordinator, Professor, Social Science, Middle School, & Elementary Teacher Education


I believe that teachers ought to be creative, involved, dramatic problem solvers and communicators, and that belief is the heart of my teaching and work. I believe that teaching itself is half stage craft and enthusiasm, half story telling and knowledge, half planning and hard work, and three fourths inspiration, human relationships, and caring about others. The math may be advanced, but anyone who does not think that adds up just does not know anything about teaching.

I started my own teaching in a self contained sixth grade class in Lockland, Ohio. I moved from there to teach sixth, seventh, and eighth grade social studies and English. In 1966 I went to The Pennsylvania State University where I completed both a masters degree and my doctorate. Since 1970, I have been teaching at the University of Tennessee.

Tennessee has enabled me to take on a rich variety of projects. One of the most exciting of these was directing the Elementary-Middle School Lyndhurst Program, an alternative teacher education program for non traditional students from 1987 to 2002. I was also privileged to edit the journal Of the Tennessee Association of Middle Schools from 1996-2001. I have also been fortunate enough to write a couple of children's books and have them published.

I have retired after coordinating the doctoral program in the department and teaching a variety of graduate courses including courses in creative teaching, drama and storytelling in teaching, social science education, and trends and issues in education.


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Thomas N. Turner, EdD

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