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Online Teaching & Learning Graduate Certificate

The 15-credit hour graduate certificate in Online Teaching and Learning is intended for currently admitted graduate students seeking to develop skills necessary for designing, developing, and teaching online courses in various contexts such as higher education, corporate, K-12 education, and military settings. All courses in this graduate certificate program are delivered online through Distance Education.

Students currently enrolled in many of the graduate programs on our campus are seeking to gain experience designing, developing, and teaching online courses. A certificate in online teaching and learning will offer students a way to group the courses they are already taking so that they can present their skills to future employers in a way that is easily recognized. This certificate will also further prepare students to be able to apply their skills and practical experiences they gain from our courses in future development of online courses. Certificate candidates must currently be admitted to a graduate program at the university or hold a terminal degree and be admitted to the graduate school. All 15 credit hours of coursework must be completed at the University of Tennessee within five years of applying for a certificate. A 3.5 GPA must be earned across all certificate courses. All required courses are listed below.


  • IT 570
  • IT 532
  • IT 566
  • *IT 573 or another course approved by the Certificate Coordinator.
  • IT 577

*Students who can demonstrate advanced skills that meet or exceed the learning objectives of IT 573 may replace the course with another as advised.

Refer to the Graduate Catalog for a course descriptions.

Certificate Coordinator:
Enilda Romero-Hall, PhD |

Rachel Wong, PhD |

About Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificate programs require a minimum of 12 credit hours. Graduate certificate programs require the same curricular approval process as majors and minors. Only those that appear in the Graduate Catalog will be posted to the student’s official transcript. Graduate certificate programs are comprised of approved graduate courses. For any graduate certificate programs, the student must earn all semester credit hours from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

At least three (3) credit hours for the certificate must be earned outside of the requirements of the degree(s) and other certificates.

Since graduate certificates are university credentials, a student must apply through Graduate Admissions to the graduate certificate program. Student must be admitted to the certificate program prior to completing six credit hours toward the certificate. Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average once in the program and complete the requirements of the certificate program as stated in the Graduate Catalog to be awarded the graduate certificate.

For those students who are concurrently enrolled in a master or doctorate program, the graduate certificate will be awarded the same semester as the degree. Certificates will be awarded at the normal times when degrees are awarded.

For independent, stand-alone graduate certificates (those when a student is not concurrently enrolled in a Master or doctorate program), the certificate is awarded upon completion of required courses and submission of application for graduation.

The Office of the University Registrar will issue all graduate certificates.

Admission to a Graduate Certificate Program
Graduate School information on how to apply for a graduate certificate program.

Graduate Certificate Course Verification
Graduate School information on how to verify that you have completed the coursework necessary to receive a graduate certificate.