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Special Education (PhD)

Special Education/Deaf Education/Interpreter Education

The PhD in education with a concentration in special education, deaf education, and interpreter education (SDEI) is designed to prepare you for a position of leadership as a special educator in a school, college, university, research settings, or human service agencies. The program is competency based, with specific emphasis on research and teaching. An individually crafted program of study consists of core requirements and an individually designed series of courses and competencies.

In addition to engaging in research activities on topics of particular interest and importance, as a doctoral student you will also have the opportunity to prepare and submit student initiated federal grant proposal applications.

You will also be encouraged to make presentations based on your graduate work at local, regional, and national conferences and make significant progress in the development of your professional portfolio before graduation. Expectations for college teaching and supervision include competency in college teaching under faculty direction.

Admission Procedures

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Financial Aid

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Most important of all, try to find ways to enjoy your research. Research is almost always at some point tedious and discouraging. Don’t let yourself be frustrated with the tedium, logistical headaches, or disappointing findings, but keep focused on what you find personally interesting in your work and let yourself enjoy it.

Courses of Study

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Faculty Contact

Kimberly Wolbers, professor