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Special Education, Master’s Degree, Track 2

The Special Education Masters’ Track 2 Degree Program is designed for students seeking initial (apprentice) licensure in Special Education. The Masters’ Track 2 Degree Program is for students who have completed either UT’s Bachelor’s Special Education Program or Post-Baccalaureate Program.

The Masters’ Track 2 program is 36 graduate hours. Students must complete the Professional Internship Year (5th-year) in order to be recommended for initial (apprentice) licensure. Application to the Graduate School proceeds the year of internship. The University of Tennessee’s Teacher Licensure Internship Program is a year-long professional education induction experience. It is conducted in accordance with the Tennessee State Department of Education (TN DOE) guidelines and reflects the licensure standards and induction procedures approved by the Tennessee State Board of Education in November, 2013.

The internship with accompanying coursework is a graduate experience. Interns must have completed a Baccalaureate Degree and be admitted to the University Graduate School. They receive graduate credit for the combination of coursework integrated with teaching and conducting research projects relevant to their teaching. The graduate credits earned may be applied to a Master of Science Degree (24 of 36 semester hours required).

The professional year internship is the capstone experience of the teacher preparation program. In keeping with state guidelines, the internship is counted as the first year of teaching under Tennessee licensure standards. It is a year-long professional education induction experience that combines daily experiences in an authentic classroom setting with graduate level professional education courses. Upon successful evaluation by the school principal (or designee) and by university faculty, the intern is recommended for the Apprentice License and second year on the salary schedule.

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