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Special Education, Master’s, Track 1 Course of Study

Master of Science in Teacher Education (Track 1)
Special Education Concentration

Required Courses

When? Hours
SPED 553: Assessment of Exceptional Students Summer 3
SPED 556: Methods for Teaching Students with Emotional & Behavioral Disorders Fall 3

SPED 590: Application of Assistive Technology

Summer 3
EDPY 505:Quasi-Experimental & Single-Subject Design Research Spring or Summer 3
At Least One of the Following When? Hours
SPED 419 Psychology & Education of Students with Mild Disabilities Summer 6
SPED 432 Psychology & Education of Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities Spring 6
SPED 471: Early Childhood Special Education Summer 6
GR Elective with Advisor approval 3-6
Additional Coursework When? Hours
SPED 410 Early Childhood Special Ed Foundations Summer 3
SPED 430 Applied Behavior Analysis in School Settings Spring 3
SPED 456 Effective Instruction of Students with LD and Other High Incidence Disabilities Summer 3
SPED 459 Physical and Health Impairments: Educational Implications Spring 3
SPED 555 Methods for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Summer 3
SPED 557 Classroom Management Spring 3
EDPY 517: Direct Assessment and Interventions for Academic Skill Deficits Summer(odd years) 3
EDPY 515 Educational Applications of Behavioral Theories of Learning Summer 3
GR Electives with Advisor approval 3-18
TOTAL Graduate Hours Required 36

Comprehensive Final and Oral Examination:

To satisfy this requirement of your program plan of study, a comprehensive final is required. You can either select to complete (1) a written extensive review of the literature, OR (2) a written description of an applied research project. If you are currently a classroom teacher, then you must complete the applied research project or receive prior approval from your committee chair to write a review of the literature. You will identify a topic or area which you want to learn more about. Your topic area and options must be discussed and approved by your committee chair. The comprehensive final will assess your knowledge, skills, and competencies in the context of either the review of literature or applied research project. It is also recommended that you consult with each of your committee members several months in advance. This will allow sufficient time for preparation.