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Master of Science in Teacher Education

Educational Studies Concentration, Social Science Specialization

Candidates should file an application to the Graduate School and provide required documentation including transcripts.

Before beginning coursework, and regularly throughout the program, students should meet with a Social Science Education advisor*.

Committee Formation and Graduation Preparation

The student should consult with the advisor concerning the composition of the Master’s Committee. The committee consists of at least three faculty members including the chair. The chair of the committee is the student’s advisor. Admission to candidacy forms (list of courses and committee signatures) should be filed with the Graduate School the semester PRIOR to the desired semester of graduation. Students should carefully read the Graduate School News online for exact deadlines for filing this form, as well as the application form to schedule the final examinations. The final examination is scheduled the semester prior to graduation also. These two forms are available in the Graduate School office or in the CEHHS Office of Advising and Student Services, A332 Jane & David Bailey Education Complex, (865) 974-8194.

Completing the MS Degree, Educational Studies, Requirements

Admitted candidates will complete a prescribed set of courses.

  • Core Area – Education Foundations, Trends & Issues, Research (9 hours minimum);
  • Concentration – Social Science Education Courses (12 hours minimum)
  • Related Studies (6-12 hours)
  • Candidates may elect to complete the MS degree, Educational Studies with a Thesis or a Non-Thesis option. The requirements for these options are:Thesis: Minimum 30 semester hours of coursework (2/3 at 500-level or above), and satisfactory completion of written thesis and oral defense of thesis;Non-Thesis: Minimum of 33 semester hours of coursework (2/3 at 500-level or above),and satisfactory completion of written comprehensive examination and post examination to electronic portfolio (Task Stream).

Admissions Information

Admissions information.

Apply to the Graduate School online.

To view the course of study

Please follow this link to the UT Catalog.

*All choices in the graduate program must be approved in advance by the Social Science Education Program Coordinator:

Stewart Waters, Associate Professor, 865-974-7930