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Educational Interpreting Resources

For information about resources on deafness, click here.


Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.-Information on membership, testing, issues from the U.S. professional association of interpreters for deaf people
ADARA-American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association
Alexander Graham Bell Association
American Sign Language Teachers Association
Conference of Interpreter Trainers
Deaf Women United
Florida Association of the Deaf
Georgia RID Chapter
National Association of the Deaf-Home Page of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD)

Other Federal Interpreter Training Programs

Other Interpreter Training Programs

ASL Linguistics Research Project-A cooperative venture among Boston University, Gallaudet University, Dartmouth College and Rutgers University funded by the National Science Foundation
Deaf Digest-Maintained by Barry Strassler
Deaf Resources-Provided by the Virginia Office of Special Education. Includes information on a variety of special education topics.
Gallaudet University Home Page
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Pointers for Working with Interpreters by Willard Madsen-Provided by Disability Support Services of UND
Rights of Deaf People Under ADA-Provided by Michigan Association for Deaf, Hearing and Speech Services
What is an Interpreter?-Provided by Regional Service Center for Hearing Impaired People

Sites for Students of Sign Language
The Use of Indigenous Signs for Other Countries
An article from the Detroit News November 4, 1996
Fingerspelling Quiz
Online Sign Language Dictionary-Provided by Michigan State University
SignStream Project– A project to enable researchers to capture the production of signs and do online analysis.