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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education

Literacy Studies Concentration, Literacy Education Specialization

Literacy is a core value embedded in societies and relates to academic performance, professional career and citizenship. At the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT) we support educators who strive to make a difference in their learners’ lives and future careers. Thus, we work with educators and administrators to enhance their understanding on how reading and writing develop, and on ways to support learners from the initial stages of reading, spelling, writing, and thinking acquisition to later stages of critical thinking through technology, writing, while promoting self-regulation, motivation, and a growth mindset.

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PhD in Education, Literacy Studies Concentration, Literacy Education Specialization Credit Hours
TPTE 600 24
Research Area (must include TPTE 640) 15
Core Requirements
One seminar in each of the three primary concentrations: TPTE 617, REED 602, SPED 601 or EDDE 601. Or other course from each of the three departmental PhD concentrations as selected in consultation with and approved by doctoral committee 9
TPTE 604 1
TPTE 605 1
TPTE 612 1 minimum
Concentration: Literacy Education (REED) courses 15
Cognate 6

Zoi Traga-Philippakos, associate professor and literacy team lead

Pamela Bazis, assistant professor

Sherry Mee Bell, professor and CEHHS Director of Literacy Initiatives

Stergios Botzakis, professor

Samantha Cooper, clinical assistant professor

Miranda Davis, lecturer

Deborah Reed, professor, senior literacy scholar, and Director of the Tennessee Reading Research Center

Minimum 72 graduate credit hours (minimum 48 graduate coursework credit hours plus minimum 24 credit hours of dissertation)

If you have questions about the program or the course of study, please contact:

Zoi Traga-Philippakos, associate professor and team lead