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Sherry Jankiewicz photo headshot

Sherry Jankiewicz, MFA

Clinical Assistant Professor, Art Education


Sherry Jankiewicz is a clinical assistant professor of art education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She teaches the undergraduate courses for the art education minor, the graduate level courses in the art education master's and post-bacc programs, and is the supervisor for all students completing their internships. Sherry is a former elementary and middle school art teacher with 13 years of teaching experience in Howard County, Maryland where she served on the county's leadership team and curriculum writing teams. She earned a bachelor's of science from the University of Maryland College Park in art education, and while teaching earned her master's of teaching at Towson University, specializing in art education. Sherry continued her education, earning her master's in fine arts at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR specializing in print media in 2018.

As an educator, Sherry is most known for her service contributions to her school community by hosting numerous Empty Bowls fundraisers that raised money for the local food banks, by hosting community art making activities, and by running an annual program of collaborative mural painting for 8th grade students. As an artist, Sherry's artwork uses bold color within dynamic compositions that technically combine printmaking and painting approaches. Her work references themes within neurology, psychology, physics, and the spirit that depict poetic expressions of the mind's ability or inability to perceive and adapt to change. She is the designer of a public art piece called "Natural Connections" in Auburn, WA, and has exhibited recently in Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and Minneapolis, MN.

Professional Background 


Creative Research - Artist Statement

As much as we know about the brain, there are still many things that remain a mystery. We do know that the environment imposes constant change within us, and our mind is capable of flexing and adjusting to accommodate new information as it comes in. I am interested in the essence of plasticity, where the mind's instability in structure is also its source for our emotional stability. Our capacity to stay open-minded keeps us grounded, and our ability to see things anew creates joyful and energetic experiences, both of which contribute to our holistic wellness.

I see this essence as mark making, color, and movement that express the complexity and beauty of our mind's ability to adapt to the new. My process exemplifies the instability of the mind's structure by using printmaking and painting techniques in often-ironic ways and by my desire to cut up pieces and rearrange them to bring forth a new meaning. I work freely with a vibrant array of colors that bring hope and optimism to the forefront of my emotions and symbolize my enduring spirit that grounds me amid change. My art is bolder than I am, and I believe it will remind others to seek the greater potential within. I aim to build awareness of our internal workings that intersect the notions of intuition, improvisation, and the spirit, while still leaving room for mystery to exist within our knowledge.


Sherry Jankiewicz photo headshot

Contact Information

  • A110 Jane & David Bailey Education Complex, 1126 Volunteer Boulevard Knoxville TN 37996
  • Phone: 865-974-3435
  • E-mail: