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Specialist in Education (EdS) in Teacher Education

Elementary Education Concentration

The EdS requires 30 hours of graduate-level coursework beyond the master’s degree, including six hours in core courses, 18 hours in specialized courses, and six hours to be determined by the student’s committee. Both thesis and non-thesis options are available. A master’s degree is required for admission; most programs in Theory and Practice in Teacher Education also require a minimum of three years of professional experience. The total EdS program involves a minimum of four semesters of study with no fewer than 60 semester hours of graduate credit beyond baccalaureate, including research/thesis hours. Education courses at the 400-level required for licensure are not eligible. At least two-thirds of semester hours accumulated in master’s and all of the last 30 semester hours accumulated must be in 500- or 600-level courses. The EdS thesis must be approved by the student’s committee prior to submission to the Graduate School for final approval and acceptance. The student must register for thesis hours during this time. Six hours of course work must be from outside the department. No more than six hours may be transferred from another institution. At least 15 hours, excluding the thesis or research project must be at or beyond the 500 level and at least three hours must be at the 600 level. A comprehensive examination is required. One semester of residence is required if the student has a master’s degree. Two consecutive semesters of residence are required if the student lacks a master’s degree. EdS Degree in Teacher Education: Elementary Education Concentration

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Faculty Contact:

Amy Broemmel, associate professor