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Elizabeth MacTavish Shares Insight Into What Training Future Teachers Looks Like During a Pandemic

Elizabeth MacTavish WBIR Interview PhotoElizabeth MacTavish, clinical assistant professor of VolsTeach/STEM education/science & technology, shared her insight with Gabrielle Hays of WBIR, Channel 10 News, on what training future teachers looks like during a pandemic.

MacTavish, who leads the educational technology program in Theory and Practice Education, feels that, while the changes brought by the pandemic have presented challenges to teacher education, there is great opportunity for teacher education students to grow their edtech skills, and to reach those students who may not be able to return to the classroom in the Fall.

She also offers encouragement to current and future teacher education students: “I would encourage people not to be scared of going into teaching just because it looks a little different,” she said, “We’re all walking the same path, and we all have the same goals, and I think we all need to see that.”