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Broemmel, Blanton, and Rigell publish article on professional development through book studies

Congratulations to Amy Broemmel, associate professor of elementary and literacy education; Betty Blanton, lecturer in literacy education; and Amanda Rigell, doctoral student in literacy education, on the double publication of their article, “Speaking Volumes: Professional Development Through Book Studies”.

The article is included in the latest volume of American Educational Research Journal, the flagship journal of the American Education Research Association.

The article was also selected to be featured in the highly respected, selective and widely-distributed Marshall Memo, a subscription based service providing educators weekly articles intended to improve teaching, leadership and learning. To be selected for the Marshall Memo is a great honor in the teaching education field.

Broemmel, Blanton, and Rigell reported on their observations of a teacher book study group in a rural school district. The book group compared favorably to typical professional development because it featured characteristics of effective adult learning. Participants in the study spoke of personal growth, their appreciation of a “knowledge community,” and improvements they made in their teaching.

Congratulations to Professors Broemmel and Blanton and to Amanda for such great publication success!