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Sherry Mee Bell headshot

Sherry Mee Bell speaks with Ed Week on need for talking about dyslexia in schools

Sherry Mee Bell, Theory and Practice in Teacher Education (TPTE) department head and professor of special education, recently spoke with Corey Mitchell of Education Week on the need to talk about dyslexia in schools and educational institutions in an effort to bring about understanding of this particular type of reading disability. Mitchell, whose article “Dyslexia Is Not a Bad Word, Advocates Say. Schools Should Use It” reached out to Bell earlier in March to discuss her thoughts on the debate around dyslexia.

Bell stated, “”Understanding dyslexia is very important to those who actually exhibit the characteristics. We do more harm by not talking about it and sort of trying to sweep it under the rug,” said Sherry Mee Bell, a University of Tennessee, Knoxville, special education professor. “Instead, people just continue to bicker over it, and children are the ones who are hurt.”

The article also spoke with several groups and individuals across the country who are on both sides of the debate. You can read the full Education Week article here.

Thank you to Corey Mitchell for coverage of this issue and for speaking with Professor Bell.