Become a Member of the TPTE Council

The TPTE Council was formed to promote the mission and goals of TPTE in its preparation of educators and interpreters to provide innovative and effective services in Tennessee, across the country, and around the world. The council comprises civic-minded individuals deeply committed to the idea that quality education is essential for a thriving and just democracy. The TPTE Council serves to create and enhance connections among TPTE faculty, students, alumni, and partners in schools, in business, and in the broader community. The council further serves to promote public awareness, appreciation, and support of K–12 education and those who provide it tirelessly and with dedication.

What does membership support?

Simply put, council membership supports the work of the faculty and students of TPTE, which is extensive and varied. We prepare K–12 teachers in almost all disciplines and prepare interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing. We also offer a joint undergraduate degree in audiology and speech pathology. At the advanced level, we prepare reading specialists, applied behavior analysts, and scholars and leaders in special education, deaf education, interpreter education, literacy studies, and several areas of teacher education.

Please consider joining the TPTE Council or contributing to a program of your choice. Visit TPTE’s giving page.

Friend (no minimum fee)—
membership renewable annually.
Partner ($250)—five-year
membership and name on TPTE
webpage, newsletter, other media
Business Partner ($500)—five-year
membership and logo/name on the
TPTE webpage, newsletter, other
media (optional).

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